Step 4. Configure Softphone

After created and activated a KeyCall IP Phone Number. Please follow the following steps.

Step 1. Get a KeyCall IP Phone Number

Step 2. Download Softphone

Step 3. Install Softphone

Step 4. Configure Softphone

Step 5. Register your KeyCall IP Phone Number

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How to make a call


  KeyCall for iPhone


Configuring X-Lite

1. Start X-Lite by using the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop icon.
2. The Call display shows Initializing, followed by Discovering network and Awaiting proxy login information. Users must set up at least one account before using X-Lite to place or receive calls.
3. To use an account for VoIP communication, the account must be enabled within the X-Lite client.To enable an account, click at the top of the softphone, choose SIP Account Settings and select the Enable checkbox for the desired account.

4. A box will appear – click Add

5. After Setting the SIP Account, click close to close the setting box.If the screen display Ready , then your softphone has login successful.

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