Step 3. Install Softphone

X–Lite is CounterPath’s next-generation softphone client, offering users all the productivity of a traditional telephone with desktop and mobile computer enhancements. From a simple click of a mouse button or tap on the keyboard users can dial, answer, or otherwise manage calls and personal availability.

Step 1. Get a KeyCall IP Phone Number

Step 2. Download Softphone

Step 3. Install Softphone

Step 4. Configure Softphone

Step 5. Register your KeyCall IP Phone Number

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How to make a call


  KeyCall for iPhone


System Requirements

  Minimum Optimal
Processor Intel® Pentium III
700 MHz or equivalent
Intel® Pentium 4®
2.0 GHz or equivalent
Memory 256 MB RAM 256 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space 30 MB 30 MB
Operating System Windows,Mac,Linux
Connection IP network connection (e.g. broadband, LAN,wireless)
Sound Card Full-duplex, 16-bit

Multimedia Device Requirements

X-Lite requires users to have both speakers and a microphone for placing and accepting calls. Any of the following configurations are acceptable:
• External speakers and microphone
• Built-in speakers and microphone
• Dual-jack multimedia headset
• Bluetooth® multimedia headset
• USB multimedia headset
• USB phone

Installing X-Lite

1. Run the X-Lite setup executable file and follow the prompts from the install wizard.

2. At the final step of the wizard, check the Launch X-Lite checkbox to start using the softphone.

3. Click Finish to complete the installation.